The Darling at The Star

The Darling at The Star

Mummy has been receiving complimentary room stays from The Star for quite a few months now. We’ve always stayed at The Astral but this time round, it was full so mummy booked us into The Darling at The Star instead.

The dove hangs right above the entrance to The Darling.

This is exactly what our room looked like.

Taken from The Darling’s website.

I shrieked when I entered our room to find our bedsheets, blankie, towels, bathrobes and even the chairs purple!! Apparently, they asked us what our favourite colour was and colour coded our room! How sweet is that! 🙂 It’s always the little things in our lives that make us happiest!

My favourite bed!

This is the most comfortable bed covered with the most luxurious bedsheet with the softest, most decadent pillows… You’ll never want to leave the bed because it feels like you are floating on clouds!

 Taken from the entrance.

 Purple everything!

I have a terribly soft spot for rain showerheads. It makes me feel like I’m in a spa-like surrounding.

The Darling is definitely one of the best hotels in Sydney. They have truly earned their title as one of the Top 60 Best New Hotels in the World by Condé Nast Traveller.



RESERVATIONS: 1800 800 830

INTL PH: +61 (0)2 9777 9000

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