The Chophouse

I’ve only been to The Chophouse once before to celebrate Mummy’s birthday earlier this year. It left such an impression on me and I looked forward to dining there again.

Ben once commented that The Chophouse made the nicest Sangria he’s ever had. It was DEFINITELY really good! So when we ordered drinks while waiting for our table, I was disappointed that they no longer served Sangria. 😦

The Chophouse’s interior is designed to look exactly like a chophouse with high beamed ceilings and country style collectibles.


 The Bar

 Little Alssa & Ben

Chilli Poppers – Oh-so-yummy!!

We ordered Chilli Poppers to appease our growling bellies while waiting for a table and we were so amazed at how wonderful Ricotta Cheese Stuffed Green Banana Chillies dipped in a Special Chophouse Ghost Chilli Jam tasted that we just had to have another round!


Really fresh Natural Oysters

Grain-Fed Steak

Ben’s order was so succulent! It is definitely one of the best piece of beef I’ve ever had.


Dry-aged and on the bone.

Definitely had my regrets with this choice… It was surrounded with sinews and really, all the was edible was only the inner circle of steak. Disappointed 😦


Lamb Cutlets

Just as tender as the grain-fed steak. Mummy definitely loved it.


Alssa’s kid’s meal of Lamb Chop, Beans and Mash.

There’s mash and then there’s mash. Think Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey style mash. Best mash I’ve ever had 🙂


Shoestring Fries & Green Beans

Sides are $8 each.

Crème Brûlée

What makes a good Crème Brûlée?

It’s not only the rich custard base that makes it good but the Chef’s skill in topping it with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. Most Chefs have failed but not at The Chophouse. The caramel atop is not only nice and thick but also coloured perfectly without burning the sugar.


 A Trio of Ice Cream.

 It was good but I was too distracted by my Crème Brûlée 🙂 Definitely creamy and definitely tastes homemade.


 Chocolate Block with Honeycomb

Signature Chophouse chocolate!


 Just how good is the food here?

 Even fussypot Alssa has cleaned her plate! ’nuff said!

The Chophouse

Address 25 Bligh St, Sydney 2000

Phone CALL 1300 CHOP IT (1300 246 748)

General Enquiries

For reservations please head to our 
online reservation page
or call 1300 246 748

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