Birthday at The Star

Birthday at The Star

January 4th marks my mum’s 61st birthday. We decided it was a good enough excuse to live it up in style by spending the night at The Star, once again. What can I say? I’m lucky! 🙂

The night was spent at The Astral. I was initially disappointed as it’s been months since I’ve spent the night at The Darling! I was so looking forward to my nice comfy 1000 thread count purple sheets… until I opened our hotel room door to see this!!


Apparently, mummy made a secret comment and somehow, we were given this terribly luxurious room at The Astral! Way to go Mummy! 😀

Instead of spending the day at the casino, we decided to have Yum cha at The Eight @ Market City then lazying all day on our iPads in the hotel room, enjoying the air-conditioning and watching Foxtel!

Bunny joined us for dinner that night and boy was he dressed up in a spiffy suit and striped shirt while I was dressed in denim shorts! How embarrassing! hahaha!

Dinner was at my favourite Chinese restaurant, The Century. Yes, The Century is definitely part of The Golden Century Group of restaurants! 🙂


The birthday girl looking good at 61!

I had to have my Hot & Sour Soup. They make it just right here!


Mud Crab Noodles fried with Spring Onions and Ginger. Oh so Good!

Pretty sure I ate most of the crab that night. 😀

Stir-fried Sliced Cod with Vegetables.

Surprise, surprise! On top of free oranges and cakes, we had strawberries too! They must have known it was Mummy’s birthday!

Chocolate Mint & A Trio of Mango, Lemon & Raspberry – Surprisingly very yummy!

Rice Balls with Sesame – Totally like muah chee!

Adriano Zumbo Patissier

As I’ve never tasted a macaroon, we decided that it was a good a day as any to try one. Adriano Zumbo is a renowned Australian patissier and chef and we decided that I do not have extra calories to waste eating crappy macaroons.

Each macaroon was priced at $2.50. To me, that was freaking expensive! You could get a box of just 1, a box of 6 or a box of 20 (i think). We decided to go with 6.

After returning to the room and getting ready for bed, I took a bite of a macaroon and totally started to regret both that 1st bite and not buying MORE!!

It was heavenly! It was like the nectar of angels! It was absolutely divine!

I’m glad I’ve abstained from macaroons all these years and my first experience was the best macaroon money could buy.


The best was the Salted Butter Popcorn Flavour, 4th from left.

(Best photo I’ve ever taken)

A few days ago, I saw another bakery selling very plain looking and very generic flavours of macaroons for $2.50 each.

Plans have already been made for my next visit to The Star and to Adriano Zumbo Patissier. *drools*


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