Chat Thai @ Westfield Sydney #1

Chat Thai @ Westfield Sydney #1

I remember years ago when Mummy was still with HSBC at George Street, I used to order takeaways from Chat Thai in The Galleries food court. Thus, I’ve been yearning to try their now-not-so-new restaurant on the 6th floor of Westfield Sydney.


Char Grilled King Prawns with Fresh Chilli and Garlic Relish

The thing about Aussie is that they love huge prawns. Personally, I prefer smaller bite-size ones. The prawns were prawns but what set them apart was the fresh chilli and garlic relish!


Stir Fried Crisp Pork Belly and Wild Ginger in Red Curry Paste

This dish was the favourite of the night. It had great flavour without the pork belly being too fatty and I especially loved the beans in the dish!


Stir Fried Water Spinach with Garlic and Chilli in Yellow Bean Sauce

How difficult is it to get this right? Hmmm. I was terribly disappointed with the flavours that were lacking in this dish. It wasn’t salty enough nor have enough umami and chilli.


Spicy Poached Snapper Salad

I’m not a fan of overly cooked fish, not even canned tuna; which was what this dish reminded me of. However, the mix of dressing and herbs were good. Overall still a nice dish. 🙂


Tom Yum Goong

I sat down at the restaurant at 4pm. By the time we ordered, it was 4:20PM. Because 5:00PM marks the beginning for the dinner shift, we weren’t allowed to order Tom Yum Goong till 4:45pm!

How odd is that to not have it as a staple in the lunch menu with it being a Thai food icon!

The Tom Yum Goong was alright. It was the thicker version again with huge prawns but the soup was too heavy and you really cannot drink more than a few spoonfuls before feeling sick.


Sweet thin wafers filled with meringue and threads of candied egg yolk, or sweet and savoury with candied herbs and dried shrimps

The ones with candied egg yolks were much lighter whereas the the flavours of the dried shrimps just came right through! Definitely a must-try!


Tapioca coated water chestnuts in an aromatic syrup with fresh coconut milk and young coconut flesh

THIS is what I really needed after that Tom Yum Goong to cut away that bloated feeling. The red rubies were definitely refreshing! 😀


freshcut kensington pride mango with sweet sticky rice

I thoroughly enjoyed this Mango with Sweet Sticky Rice. The mangoes were oh-so-sweet! The coconut milk was slightly salted and it all came together perfectly.

Chat Thai Westfield

Shop 6002, level 6
188 Pitt Street
Westfield Centre Point

Bookings & information :
tel 9221 0600

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