Chat Thai @ Westfield Sydney #2

Chat Thai @ Westfield Sydney #2

There is an extremely valid reason why we are frequenting Chat Thai! Well, other than the good food, it’s also one of the closest places to eat after our gym session! 😛



green curry with house-made fish dumplings and apple eggplants

I have never tried apple eggplants before this. It tastes like a gourd. It has a faint taste and is not bitter. It was still crunchy in the curry which was really nice. The fish dumplings were soft, very unlike the texture of fishballs but they are just that. Fishballs. Overall, I quite like this dish!



Stir-fried wide rice noodles with chicken, chilli and holy basil in dark soy sauce. I opted to have tofu and vegetables instead. 🙂

Boy! It was very well fried! I love that wok hei (fried) smell and the spiciness of the chilli coupled with a well balanced flavour. It was the best Thai fried noodle dish I’ve ever tasted.

The only fault of the dish was the amount of oil that was used to fry.



tapioca coated water chestnuts in an aromatic syrup with fresh coconut milk and young coconut flesh


fresh cut kensington pride mango with sweet sticky rice

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