Chat Thai @ Westfield Sydney #3

Chat Thai @ Westfield Sydney #3

Terrible as it may seem, we do not eat out everday! So we found ourselves back at Chat Thai…



BS 101

Well, I thought it would be nice to unwind and try a cocktail. Mmmmm! Basil seeds! We used to call them tadpoles when we were kids. Good times!

One sip of BS 101 and I almost wanted to puke. It was sweet as. It was so strong, it tasted as if 25% of the glass was alcohol! Good value for money since it was priced at $14 but no, never again. It was just horrid!



Steamed blue eye cod in caramelized palm sugar, turmeric and tamarind sauce

Funnily enough, the sauce tasted very much like the Tom Yum Goong we are used to. The blue eyed cod was fresh and the sauce was appetising! Perhaps a better variety of vegetables would improve the dish a little.



stir fried wide rice noodles with chilli and holy basil in dark soy sauce. Crispy pork belly for an extra $2!

I had to, I just had to! It was great! I tried to compare both the vegetarian version with the crispy pork belly and both were just as good!

I’m looking forward to our next time at Chat Thai. Hopefully we get there in time for the lunch menu as I have already picked out my next dish to try!

Stay tuned! 😀

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