Yu Shang @ Nonya

Yu Shang @ Nonya

It’s funny how things turn out…

We were starving after Gym and thought Hainanese Chicken Rice would be a good way to end our day out. So off to Nonya we went!

Just the other day I was lamenting to Mummy at how terrible it is not have Yu Shang for CNY this year then just at the entrance to Nonya, they advertised Yu Shang! OMG!



See that little mountain of crispy things?!! My eyes lit up! 😀


It taste exactly the same as what we would get back in Singapore! It was delish!

A regular is $68 and would definitely feed a table of 6 for starters. A large is $88 and would easily do 10! We have given feedback that a smaller portion for 2 would be advisable at around $38. Further plans have been made to return just for more Yu Shang! 😀

I love going to the Gym!

Nonya is located at 1 Dixon Street, Sydney. It’s at the junction of Goulburn Street & Dixon Street and opposite Mamak.

While you are there, don’t miss out on the Hainanese Chicken Rice & Belachan Kangkong. If you want the Singaporean flavour, ask for more sliced chillies!

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