Heritage Court Restaurant #1

Heritage Court Restaurant #1

Having just moved to Hurstville and tired from unpacking, we decided it would be an awesome idea NOT to go too far for dinner. The Heritage Court Restaurant is only 100m from my new home! Happy happy!


Heritage Court Restaurant operates out of 2 quaint little terrace houses. I love these little terraces! They are spacious enough inside yet look tidy from the outside. Very European with the little patio out front. Super like! 😀


The decor is simple and in my opinion, tasteful. Love the purple feature wall, down lights and period details. They even retained the fireplace!


I love the coziness of the restaurant. Not difficult to imagine living in a little terrace house.  🙂


They even have fresh cut flowers on all the tables in the front section!

Heritage Court Restaurant serves fusion cuisine. Now, I’ve always been skeptical of restaurants with the “fusion” tag. It seems like an excuse to cover up the fact that a restaurant doesn’t serve authentic tasting food.

Heritage Court Restaurant menu was different and varied. They have French, Hainanese, Italian and Vietnamese to name a few. So I decided to be adventurous!


I could not go past the Clam Chowder in a bread bowl. I wasn’t too fussed with the bread bowl but the Clam Chowder was so good! It was really creamy, chunky and even had full sized clams in it! Total yums!


Mummy had escargots on mushrooms and mash. They were absolutely terrific!

Now, I was a bit iffy when mummy first asked if I’d like to try the escargots. My first taste of escargot was over a decade ago and less than impressive. It was overcooked and chewy… like rubber band!

These were heavenly! Tougher than tofu but more tender than fish cake! Just DON’T think that it’s a snail! Hahaha!


Mummy decided to give the Hainanese Chicken Rice a chance. It’s a dish we both love and miss.

The chicken rice was not what we expected and definitely does not taste of home but without that expectation, it was actually a good dish! The chilli, chicken and rice went well together.


I had the Baked Curry Pork Chop Rice. It wasn’t spicy nor very curry-ish. It’s a little more Japanese curry with potatoes over pork chop. It was extremely tasty but the pork chop was a little too fatty for me.

Overall, the food was great! Service was good and warm. Food was prompt considering they had a large group of dinners and a few smaller groups before us. Prices were reasonable too.

We’ve already made plans to try almost everything else on the menu! :p

Overall Rating: 4.8/5

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