Balla [Backpost]

Balla [Backpost]

Mummy was invited to attend a politician’s dinner. We dressed up and cabbed down to Le’Montage. It was a beautiful and classy venue. Photos were taken at the foyer then champagne was served. Unfortunately, the lady who invited mummy to the dinner messed up and our names weren’t on the list! She had actually overbooked and was not even in the country to sort out the mess. We had no choice but to leave.

All dressed up and no where to go on a Friday night!! My 1st thought was dinner at The Chophouse! It’s been so long since we’ve been there but mummy had an even better idea! “How about Balla?” she asked. So off we went in a cab to one of the best Italian restaurant in town!

We were seated immediately when we got there, which was awesome after the initial letdown!


Complimentary bread basket with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Bread is bread right? Wrong. The freshly baked Ciabatta here is my favourite. The rock salt on top of the Ciabatta coupled with the olive oil and slightly sweet balsamic vinegar is a welcoming little surprise in your mouth!


Raw fish of the day, thinly sliced, with radish and celery salad $19.00

Fresh ingredients, delicate tastes and extra virgin olive oil. That’s what Italian food is all about!


Crispy polenta with mushrooms and Puzzone cheese $16.00

This is the absolute first and last time I’m having polenta crispy. It felt like I was eating cardboard. 😦 The mushrooms and Puzzone cheese however, were divine!


Ravioli filled with Gorgonzola served with pumpkin puree and walnuts $26.00

I don’t know how any other ravioli is going to satisfy my taste buds after having tried this. The pasta skin was soft yet chewy and the Gorgonzola cheese filling was complimented by the puree and the walnuts. it was just heaven in a mouthful!


“Priest-chocker” pasta with calamari in a tomato and chilli sauce $28.00

I love all things pasta. I just cannot say the same for calamari. This dish is really rustic and authentic. I can imagine it is widely eaten in seaside towns in Italy but it was just too strong for me. All I tasted was that strong sea smell + calamari and tomato. If you are one who hates that fishy smell, don’t order this.


Sauteed seasonal wild greens, chilli and garlic $12.00

What I liked about this is that it tasted non-asian, if that makes sense. I could taste that the chef used sea salt instead of normal salt and that it was probably just sauteed with olive oil. Simple yet yummy.


Soy latte and cappuccino.


Ricotta cheese in pancake. (Sorry, cannot remember the actual name. :P)

I’m not one to have Ricotta cheese in a dessert but this wasn’t too bad. It was mild compared to most Ricotta.



I have always thought of myself as somewhat of a connoisseur of Tiramisu. It’s not only because it’s my favourite dessert but also because ONLY my mum makes the best old school Tiramisu I’ve ever had… Until today. The Tiramisu at Balla is exquisite. Absolutely exquisite. Looks are definitely deceiving when it comes to this Tiramisu. Rarely have I come across a dish that brings out a little happiness from within and this was it.


Spotlights for lights!


Not one for water but I am loving this sparkling water they serve! At AUD$6.00 a bottle, it’s so yummy!

Dinner set us back around AUD$150.00 for 2 starters, 2 mains, 1 side, 2 coffees and 2 desserts. Prices for mains go up to $40+++ for steaks I find that the quality of the food and the service is definitely worth the money paid for the meal.

I have always enjoyed my dining experiences at Balla. The time spent waiting for courses is filled with time spent watching the staff work. Mind you, they are not laid back as the rest of Australia. In fact, they remind me of worker bees. Fast-paced energy all through the night, even an unspoken language between the staff. I was watching a manager or supervisor. He was talking to our waiter yet had his eyes around the room. He immediately saw a waiter serving a table next to us who did not announce the dish before putting it on the table. He then had to swap it in front of the customer. He got an earful after. 🙂

Memories of my time at SHATEC came flooding back. Good times.

To top off an awesome evening, we both made money at the Casino! 😀

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