Miss Sydney Chinese Pageant 2013

Miss Sydney Chinese Pageant 2013

This was my very first time attending the Miss Sydney Chinese Pageant. Actually, it’s my first time attending a pageant at all! Excited!

My mum used to be a judge at these pageants hosted in Sydney and Melbourne so this too is her first time as a spectator! Yay! 🙂

This year, it was held at The Star’s Event Centre. Now, all event centres are pretty much the same right? Wrong! Apparently The Star’s event centre is not only multipurpose (theater-style seating and/or table-seating) but they also have this awesome open air area outside with an awesome view of the CBD and also a huge reception area and a full bar!


Reception area.

The time on the invite said 6.30pm so of course, I assumed that there was dinner! Instead, we had to buy our own food! There was popcorn, pies, assorted dim sums and spring rolls. We decided on the dim sums and spring rolls. Worst decision of the night but better than starving I suppose.


Theater-style and table seating.

The Event Centre is humongous! When we attended the TVBA TV Commercial Awards, it was then only half or less than half the size it is now. How awesome is that!


It took quite a while before the pageant started. The stage hands were still busy setting up so I ran behind the judges’ table to sneak photos! 🙂


Bridal gown segment.

There were a few segments, as all pageants do; bridal gown, evening wear, cheongsams, swimwear + Q&A and talent show. I think most of the girls did really well. They were also all so pretty!

Our favourite though was number 7, Phyllis. Why? Hmmm. Minutes before, we had popped into the Casino to get mummy’s card renewed. A Casino staff told us that they too had a staff participating in the pageant. We looked at her bio and her photo and she was indeed a fierce contender.


Screams of support for winners!

Family and friends going berserk just shouting and showing their unwavering support for their girls. There was even one group right at the back who was supporting 2 girls!


The winners!

The supporters were all going mad at this point. Everyone was rushing to stage front to take photos and when ONE person ran on stage to take more photos, I actually heard a lady shout “OMG! We can go up there!!!!” 😯 Imagine 50 zombies chasing after ONE human. Security had to all rush onstage to ensure that the supporters didn’t get any closer to the contestants. It was a little scary. LOL!


The winner of Miss Sydney Chinese Pageant 2013 is Phyllis!

Congratulations Phyllis! May you do us proud in Hong Kong!

It was all in all a great night. I kinda expected more fanfare for the AUD$400,000.00 that was spent for the night. Maybe even more of a gala event with food and drinks.


Oh and yes, of course. I bought Zumbarons before the pageant started! 😀

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