Venus Nails @ Hurstville Westfield

Venus Nails @ Hurstville Westfield

Every female loves a little pampering. I’m no exception. In fact, I believe that we should all indulge in a little pampering every so often! Why would you not want to reward yourself!

Apart from massages, trips to my Chiropractor and hair salon visits, the most frequent way I pamper myself is manis and pedis! Now tell me which female does not like seeing beautiful nails on her hands every single day?

Now, I’m very particular when choosing a manicurist. I have Psoriasis which means sometimes my nails get infected and that I have very thin skin, especially near the cuticles. I absolutely hate it when I get constantly nicked by that machine they use!

That all changed when I visited Venus Nails located at Hurstville Westfield. I now only allow one manicurist to do my nails and they always turn out perfect!


Acrylic over my natural nails and Shellac.

They have a huge assortment of Shellac colours. I’ve been to some nail salons who only stock a maximum of 20 colours. Venus Nails have around 50! They have also always acceded to my odd requests. Once, I had Hello Kitty painted on just one nail. Another time, I had glitter flakes manually out on so that it looks like a gradual fade. This time round, I asked for glitter french manicure style.

How pretty is that! Girly yet with a bit of bling! 😀 It’s really the little things that make a huge difference isn’t it! They are soooo accommodating with requests!

If you look at my baby finger, you’ll notice that the glitter tips seem thicker. That’s because I wanted the glitter to stand out more so I asked for 2 coats of glitter. That’s a total of 4 coats of colour! 😛 They did warn me that it may not last as long as intended but guess what!! It’s been 3 weeks and it’s still in perfect condition!

My infills + Shellac only costs me AUD$35 each visit. Talk about money well-spent!

Venus Nails @ Hurstville Westfield is located near the Forest Road entrance.


  1. That is super gorgeous. I love it! I’m going to steal that look! 😀 lol maybe. I’m really lazy when it comes to getting my nails done. I probably do it like once a year. 😛

    • It’s almost time for me to re-do them and I’m loving them so much, I’m comtemplating doing the same colours and design. Boring, I know! If it’s cheap in the UK, you should totally get it done!

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