The Rocks Aroma Festival 2013

This is the first time I’ve heard or even been to The Rocks Aroma Festival and goodness me! It’s already their 16th Annual event! Where have I been all this while! 😦

It was a really beautiful Sunday down at The Rocks with the gorgeous aroma of fresh coffee in the air!

We took the train down to Circular Quay that day. The train ride took abit longer as they were carrying out trackworks between Town Hall and Bondi Junction. We had only 2 options: change trains at Central or take a bus from Town Hall. We chose the former and I’m so glad we did! We got to see this awesome view from the station!!

Look at the number of people on that ferry on the right!

From top left: My kind of coffee mug! Artist drawing 3D art in his adorable sampan hat.

From bottom left: Peter, Owner of Swallow Coffee Traders. “Rockn The Dale” because they are situated just beside the Rockdale train station!


My little instavideo summary of The Rocks Aroma Festival 2013!


The Aroma Festival ended at 5pm. We took a nice long stroll after our coffee and explored the food and market stalls at The Rocks Market. It’s been so long since I’ve last strolled through The Rocks and I have to say that I love it there! The quaint little shops, albeit a little pricier, just exuded old country charm. More on this another day. 🙂

A wonderful day ended with an enjoyable Teppanyaki dinner. 😛



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