Welcome Instagram to WordPress!

I’ve actually been blogging since hmmm…. 2007? I’ve always stayed faithful to Blogger.com because I love how easy it is to customise my own blogskin. I used to spend hours searching for new blogskins and editing them to make them reflect me. One of the benefits of all those late nights was that I actually learnt how to code HMTL and a little Javascripting!

However, with Bubbielicious, I wanted to try something new and different. WordPress.com came across really user-friendly and professional. I really liked it. I love the look and feel of the templates (more so the premium ones :D) and I was happy to pay for what I liked.

This Luscious Theme was the very first theme that I really liked. I bought it and sadly, got a refund after a few days. I couldn’t figure out how to enable some features and even make my website look like the demo. I was really, really upset.

I found a rebound premium theme that I-shall-not-name-because-I-cannot-remember-the-name. I played around with it and felt better as time passed. Deep down, I was simply fooling myself.

The time came again when all I could think of was my Luscious Theme and I felt so begrudged that I decided to bite the bullet, do some research, tried to find answers in the forums and finally, I found what I was looking for!

Yes, I paid $65 for the Luscious Theme. Again. LOL!

I was really happy for weeks! Until I found out that Instagram plugins were not enabled for WordPress! 😐 Suddenly it felt like WordPress was a mistake afterall, that I should have remained with Blogger. Funny how the little things mean so much eh?

I tried ways and means to incorporate Instagram into my blog but I was never satisfied. Until today. I suddenly had a thought to check my widgets…

Lo and behold! An Instagram widget! Not only can you now have your Instagram feed on your blog but you can also embed photos and videos into your posts! Woohoo!

All that’s really left is for WordPress to allow Nuffnang Ads and we are all set! 😀

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