Korean Buddhism Festival [24-28 August 2013]

Korean Buddhism Festival [24-28 August 2013]

Now, this is the first time I’ve come across Korean Buddhism. I’ve always thought that Buddhism was a religion in its own right and all Buddhists were Buddhists!

First, a confession. I was excited to see that there was a festival happening that I went from booth to booth, participating and engrossing myself in the free activities that I forgot to take photos of the booths and the activities! D:

Let’s begin with “Korean Buddhism illuminates Sydney Harbour” with life-sized lanterns!

“In Korea, lighting lanterns on Buddha’s Birthday expresses the wish that all sentient beings in the world might become Buddha. The tradition, which began in Korea more than 1,500 years ago, has been preserved in the numerous cultural treasures and heritage sites throughout the country.

These lanterns illuminates beautiful Sydney Harbour while expressing our prayer for the peace of all beings on earth.”


These meticulously crafted lanterns are made of hanji.


Hanji is traditional handmade Korean paper made from mulberry bark.


The Dharma Drum.

“The drum is used to awaken the enlightenment and truth the Buddha attained in all sentient beings. It is considered precious because the sound of the Dharma drum is believed to save all animals, as well as human beings from suffering and give them joy and comfort.”


The Sydney Opera House illuminated.(Behind: the booths I didn’t take photos of.)


All lanterns are made by Jeon Young II Studio.

The very 1st booth was about the “3H of Temple Food”. When I first read that on the banner, I was thinking to myself ” 3 HOURS OF TEMPLE FOOD! OH YES PLEASE!!”. Mind you, proper tasty vegetarian food is difficult to locate in Sydney! It should have been “The 3Hs of Temple Food” instead. -__-

The 2nd and 3rd booths were on making Lotus Lanterns! I moved on from this activity without participation as there were way too many little girls trying to get their hands on making one. 😦


Photo from wakeupanddance.com

The 4th and 5th booths were on colouring Dancheong. We were each given a card and there were crayons for our use. After colouring in, we could each make a wish and take the card home. Here’s mine!



My Dancheong.

It was extremely difficult to colour it in properly! I would have appreciated colour pencils instead of crayons. When was the last time YOU tried to colour inside the lines! Hahahaha!

My wish is for a world without strangers. Very Benetton eh? 😛 Fingers crossed that one day my wish will come true!

After completing my Dancheong, I was given a stamp on a pamphlet! Apparently, collecting these stamps before the end of the day would win you a prize! Yay! What was our prize, you ask? Read on!

The next booth was… making prayer beads! No, I do not know how to pray with beads but making a beaded bracelet is fun so why not!!



My prayer beads!

In case you were wondering, they only come in one colour. It’s one size fits all.

The last activity booth was scripture making. It was already closing time but there were still

5 people waiting for their turn! I kinda felt bad for the volunteers. They obviously had a specific time they had to close up and vacate the premises but passer-bys kept wanting more.

Other than activity booths, there was also a little exhibition preview of traditional paper-mache dolls showcasing daily life in Korean Buddhist temples.



Prayer and calligraphy


The preparation of Temple Food.


Is that the making of kimchi? 😮

I am awed by the attention to detail and the intricate handiwork that made this exhibition so life-like. Definitely worth dropping by for!

Remember those stamps we collected from each activity booths?



Ta-dahh! 4 stamps will get you a polaroid to remember your time at the Festival! 😀


The Sydney Opera House basking in the warm sunset!

How could one possibly venture out to Circular Quay or The Rocks and not take the token photo of Sydney’s iconic landmark! 😀

We totally had a fun day out today. The Rocks is beginning to hold a special place in my heart as everytime we go by, there’s always something new and fun happening!

By the way, if you are anywhere near, do pop by the Masterchef pop-up kitchen!



More info on Korean Buddhism Festival:


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