Finding Lost Family

Finding Lost Family

A few years ago, mummy told me of an auntie I never knew I had. Hmmm, how does that work?

Well apparently, my grandparents had a huge argument with my grandfather’s brother’s family over (something along the lines of) some stolen chickens. Both families then stopped talking to one another.

Now, my grandfather had other siblings who we used to visit regularly like our Carmelite grandaunts and granduncle Father John Paul Tay.

So back to my long lost aunt.

Auntie Monica was introduced to mummy years ago by Auntie Kay. Even though Auntie Monica and mummy were in the Jaycees back in the 70s, mummy had no recollection of her. Thankfully, Auntie Monica still remembered mummy from back in the day.

I have met Auntie Monica before and wanted Ben to have a chance to meet her too.

imageThe family Tay. Ben, Me, Auntie Monica and Mummy.

Since adulthood, Ben has been mistaken for Tay Ping Hui on numerous occasion. Even when he was taking the lift alone at Market City, Sydney, he overheard some Chinese girls in the lift thinking he was Tay Ping Hui!

We have always wondered if somehow there is a blood link between them and with the appearance of a new branch in the family tree, it may not be impossible after all!


Just which Mr Tay is this!

After lunch at Modern 8, Market City, Sydney, we set off to Fox Studios to meet up with Auntie Kay.

imageL.A. Inspired Cinema.

imageA cheesy fetish!

Mummy and I love exploring weekend markets all around Australia. There are so much fresh produce available in Australia and I just love to take in the sights and smell.

After indulging in South Coast Cheese’s blue cheese, I find that I love the sharp and “smelly” taste of the blue. While I am still partial to the creamy Camembert, blue cheese offers something that is totally opposite in taste.

imageA myriad of colours.


Cut Cherry Blossoms!!

imageTeas & spices.

imageNuts and dried fruit.

The only problem with Fox Studios is that it is located so near the Sydney Cricket Ground that traffic is atrocious on game days. The lack of a nearby train station adds to the inaccessibility.

Do you know of any other weekend markets worth visiting? 🙂

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