Singapore Day 2013!

Singapore Day 2013!

What exactly is Singapore Day?

Singapore Day is the Overseas Singaporean Unit’s (OSU’s) signature event for Singaporeans residing overseas. It is a day-long event that brings the sights, sounds, taste and smells of Singapore abroad. Nothing more comforting than to be able to indulge and reacquaint yourself with a slice of home while overseas.

It is held in cities with a large concentration of overseas Singaporeans and this is the 6th Singapore Day and finally, it’s come to Sydney!

So just how do you celebrate Singapore Day?


imageDid not know The Domain was so near to Martin Place!

Our day began late. We planned to wake up at 8.30am so that we’d be one of the first at The Domain but we woke up late. By the time we arrived, got our e-invite printed (yes, they had a booth just to print our e-invites! So considerate! Thumbs up!), queued to get in and got our goodie bags, it was already past 11am!

imageAt the entrance queuing for goodie bags

imageI ♥ SG lollies!

Mummy was really naughty because she asked to exchange her lucky dip prize to 5 stones! So I looked into the bag to choose my gift. Save time lah! hehe! I chose these I ♥ SG lollies! So pretty right?

So why did we want to arrive so early if it was an all-day event?

imageOld Chang Kee!

To queue for food, of course!

Can you imagine the kiasu-ism of hawker-food-deprived Singaporeans all gathered at one location?

Mummy and I split up to queue for food and my 1st stop was Old Chang Kee! I simply love Old Chang Kee curry puffs. I do not buy anything but their curry puffs! Luckily, they allowed me to get 2 curry puffs so mummy and I didn’t have to share! 😀


imageYummy as ever!

Even though the curry puffs were made fresh in Sydney, it sure tastes just as good as those in Singapore!


imageAbdhus Salam Indian Rojak

Indian Rojak is not something you usually eat for a meal and it wasn’t exactly on my list of Things-to-Eat in Singapore but i sure do miss it!



Indian Rojak

The portions were quite small, I feel. The pieces of rojak weren’t as crispy as they should be. The tau pok was dry and hard and I had a hard time holding the plate in my left hand and struggling to take a bite of the tau pok.

The gravy however, was very, very good! It was the first time I’ve tried the gravy hot! It was definitely the dish’s saving grace as I had to eat even the onions just to savour more of the gravy!



A fraction of people waiting for the entertainment to begin.



328 Katong Laksa

The most lemak laksa I’ve ever tried. Nothing in Sydney comes close!




Geylang Lor 29 Fried Hokkien Mee

We did not bother to try most of the other stalls not because we didn’t like the food but because it was a terribly long queue under the noon sun! 😦

Mummy did spend 10 mins in the queue only to find that she was rewarded with only 2 sticks of satay. Hahaha! I queued 10mins in the HOT SUN only to realise that it would be at least another 20mins for a small portion of Carrot Cake… i gave up.

Choosing to go half-hungry, I decided to wander around…



Pretty stage.



Local Movies! Wooo!




Teo Chee Hean!

So I saw alot of guys crowding around a spot in front of the stage area and I curiously went over only to find Mr Teo Chee Hean posing for photos with food in his hands! Not entirely sure if he was trying to eat and was being interrupted or he was using food as a prop so I decided not to impose.

All in all, it was a great day out. Even though it was only 26 degrees that day, the sun was out in full force.

We left just before 2pm. We missed out on seeing Gurmit, Chua Enlai and Olivia Ong on stage! 😦

More photos of Singapore Day 2013 can be found at their Facebook Page.


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