The 5th International Chinese Film Festival 2013

The 5th International Chinese Film Festival 2013

A long overdue update! -smiles sheepishly-

After a long and HOT day spent at Singapore Day 2013 at the Domain, we also had to attend the 5th International Chinese Film Festival 2013 held at the Events Cinema @ George Street!

So how does one go from hot and sweaty to looking all wonderful without popping home for a shower?



We pop into a salon to get our hair done of course! 😀 A clean scalp and nicely done hair does wonders for the soul. We then spend a few hours chilling out.



Pre-movie cocktail party

The evening began with a  pre-movie drinks at the Foyer Bar before speeches and award presentation in the cinema. Sorry no photos as the lighting inside the cinema is extremely bad for mobile cameras. We were sitting at the 9th row from the front but yet no usable photos. 😦

The featured movie was “An American Dream in China”.

I have NEVER been a fan of China-made movies. I’ve watched a few on Funshion and have been utterly disappointed. I’ve found them boring especially when they speak dialect or with a weird accent. I lose concentration. I get distracted. I feel lost.

THIS however was an AWESOME movie!

I don’t like giving spoilers so this will be as brief as possible!

The movie is about 3 men living in China with dreams of a better life in American. The story portrays their different lives, dreams, loves and ambitions; how 2 men had their visas to American denied, how they worked to have their dreams fulfilled through other students.

The movie was funny at times. Not slapstick comedy kind but just everyday funny. Ever had a convo where someone would say something unknowingly and you cannot help but burst out laughing? 🙂

At one point, I couldn’t help but shed a tear too.

Definitely the BEST China-made movie I’ve ever watched!


Photo taken off

We were already running behind schedule when the movie ended at 10:30 pm. It was well past my bedtime but we decided what the heck! AFTER-PARTY @ THE STAR!



Wen Jun by Hennessy

Now, we’ve had Wen Jun on numerous occasions. It’s a mixed wheat wine, kinda like rice wine. The smell is so very strong but a shot of pure Wen Jun simply glides down your throat effortlessly.

However, on the occasion, they decided to make Wen Jun into a cocktail! A definite no-no!

Mummy and I decided to savour the richness of a shot of Hennessy VSOP instead. Yes, I’m definitely a brandy girl!

Hors d’oeuvres were also served at the party. Food at The Star is almost always guaranteed to be yummy and this was no exception!


Steve Barclay (Director of Hong Kong Economic Trade Office, Sydney), Luci Ozcan, Helen and Heidi.

The real reason why I agreed to attend the after-party?

To meet Edmund Chen (Chen Zhi Cai)!! 😀 While we have movie stars gracing the event, the only movie star I wanted to get a photo with was Edmund.

imageEdmund Chen and Me!

I grew up watching Singapore Chinese dramas. Names like Chen ZhiCai, Xiang Yun, Zhu HouRen and Huang WenYong are part of every household so I felt honoured when Edmund posed for so many photos! Thanks Edmund!


Lan Wei (President, International Chinese Film Festival), Luci Ozcan and Lan Wei’s mother.

It was a great end to a very long day! Tired but definitely happy. 🙂

Be sure to catch the Blind Detective and Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon!

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