eBayers beware [Part 1]

eBayers beware [Part 1]

Since Nintendo released the new Pokemon X & Y series, I’ve been really tempted to get myself a Nintendo 3DS XL. I’ve been trawling though eBay and keeping watch on a few.

On Tuesday November 5, I got an alert for an item ending so I whimsically decided to place a bid solely because the bidding price was under $200. I was shocked but happy that I won the item at $187.50!!

imageItem won


imageOriginal description


imageOriginal TOS

As I was at a meeting and dinner was to follow, by the time I got home and had time to relax, it was past midnight. I logged into eBay to make payment when I saw this email from the seller.

Hi please pay in 24 hours after you won the bid, otherwise I might relist it. cheers.

SIMI LAH!!!Anyone who has ever bought or sold items on eBay knows that you usually have 3 days to make payment. Me? I usually make payment once I’ve won. Thus, I was extremely displeased at receiving this email! How do I deserve to be hounded for payment by a 1st time seller whose eBay account was only started in June 2013?!!

I emailed back after I made payment and give the seller a piece of my mind and waited for my item to be marked shipped. The seller insisted that no payment was received but it is reflected on PayPal and my credit card statement that payment HAS BEEN MADE.

So I Googled and found this:

When some sellers receive payments, we may hold the money in their pending balance for up to 21 days. We want to make sure that there are no problems with the orders, such as disputes, claims, returns, or chargebacks. After we determine that the order was fulfilled and the customer is satisfied, we may release the money earlier.

If we place your money in a pending balance, it belongs to you but isn’t immediately available to spend or withdraw.

We’ll let you know if payments on your account are held. We’ll also let you know what steps you can take to have your money released earlier. If your PayPal account was already limited, you’ll need to lift those limits before you complete the steps to release your payments.


So who is affected?

Payment delays typically affect new sellers or sellers in categories that have a higher than average rate of refunds, disputes, or chargebacks.

In deciding whether to hold payments in a pending balance, we review many factors. These factors include transaction activity, the rate of customer disputes, the type of business, average delivery time, customer satisfaction, and history. We understand that some experienced sellers may be affected. While history with PayPal is important, it’s only one of many factors we consider.

Here are some common reasons we may hold payments in a pending balance:

  • You have limited history or selling activity.
  • You have low Detailed Seller Ratings, negative Feedback, or other indication of below-standard performance on eBay.
  • You have a high rate of customer refunds, disputes, claims, or chargebacks.
  • You’re selling in a high risk category or industry such as tickets, travel, gift certificates, computers, consumer electronics, or mobile phones.
  • Your business or selling activity is inconsistent. For example, you have a spike in selling activity, your average selling price changes, or you started selling in a new category.
  • The account information you have provided is incomplete or inaccurate, or we’re uncertain about the information you’ve provided.
  • Your withdrawal activity has changed.


imageThe Seller – Account started June 2013.

So after alot of CAPITALS and threats to report the seller, he finally replied today with an email insisting that he DID NOT receive my payment and that if I insist on not paying that I should just cancel the payment.



So I did. I cancelled the payment followed by an extremely negative feedback and reported the seller for being a Non-Selling Seller.

Sadly for him, he was unable to leave me a negative feedback so THANKS FOR THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK! 🙂


imageItem re-listed


imageNew description and TOS

Now, what I find fishy is that the original TOS stated that the item will be posted 3 working days after receiving payment. The new TOS states 5 working days.

So, I won the auction on Tuesday, Nov 5. I paid for it the same night but it showed that it cleared my credit card on Thursday, Nov 7. 3 working days would mean that he would have to send out my item today BUT HE SIMPLY REFUSED TO!!!

So now he’s changed it to 5 working days AND added a Buy It Now price that’s WAY over what the auction price was.

So I too suspect that he chose NOT to honour the sale because he expected to get way more than my winning bid. INFURIATING!!!

So people, beware when you place bids on eBay. Watch out for 1st time Sellers and newly-made accounts. Always read up on the feedback left for the Seller AND have an amazing amount of tolerance!!

Know what was the cherry on top of this shit sundae?

A limited edition WHITE Nintendo 3DS XL ended at just over $220 minutes before!! Grrrrrrr!!


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