eBayers beware [Part 2]

eBayers beware [Part 2]

This is a follow-up to last night’s eBay fiasco with the seller x1409755839.

Here are some of his emails stating clearly that he has checked with eBay AND PayPal and have found no payment. Even after I shared the information I found on Google with him, he still did not show remorse or give any indication that he would try and get to the bottom of the matter.

image1st lie.

“I have checked many times”. Checking your email DOES NOT constitute as checking especially when I’ve specifically told you to CONTACT EBAY PERSONALLY.

image2nd lie.

Fact is, payment already cleared and a screenshot of the transaction was already attached. DID YOU REALLY CHECK??

I’m the buyer who just spent $200 on an item that a seller refuses to send out to me. Am I not entitled to be rude? It’s not as if you did your part and I was being unreasonable. YOU were the one who kept denying what I know for a fact, is the truth. I was unreasonable because I felt I was trying to communicate with a lump of mud!!

image3rd lie.

Even with the screenshot of payment made and cancelled, this lump of mud still insisted I did not pay. Not only was he insulting my intelligence, he was insulting my integrity. I fumed, I believe that my report to eBay would assist me in teaching this seller a lesson. I have faith.

And so today I awake to this email from our dearest lying seller.

imageNo apology?

So you checked with eBay and not eBay approached you regarding my report? HAH!!

Did I not already provide the required information that there is a problem with your PayPal account? Did I not give you ample time to Google? Did I not already ask you repeatedly to CHECK WITH EBAY PERSONALLY???????

So he’s offering the item to me now at the same winning bid. Is he stupid or what? Am I to put in my winning bid and then he’ll close it? What if someone outbids me and wins the item? Seriously!!! Does this seller have no brains? I know for a fact that he does not monitor his eBay account all the time. I can understand that as we all have lives to lead. How then does he expect me to win it at my previous winning bid?

I detest people like this. You know that you are in the wrong. Not a single apology? You cause my Psoriasis to flare with your ignorance and stupidity and you think I would still give you my money?

I give up. I’m not equipped to deal with idiots.

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