Do you Da(y)re share your Day(re) on Dayre?

Do you Da(y)re share your Day(re) on Dayre?

So, after reading Sheylara’s post on having another blog, and her raving about it on Facebook, I too decided to try it out.

With my blog, Facebook page, Facebook account, Instagram and Twitter (have I missed out anything else?), what is one more social media site?

Now, what is MOST important on social media sites? Your identity of course!!!

Do you know how frustrating it is knowing that people out there are using the same name you use? So being the typical Singaporean I am, I decided to chope my identity first!! For all you non-Singaporeans out there, chope means reserve.

SO YAY! Being an avid stalker of Sheylara’s paid off!

May I present to you…. *DRUM ROLL*




Ok, first off. Even though Dayre is available on your web browser, It is WAAAAAAAY more fun using the mobile app! The mobile app is available in both AppStore and Google Play.

The site is sometimes buggy but with time, I believe it will get better. At least I no longer have to refresh my browser 5 times to get it to load! I think that’s all thanks to XiaXue. After she announced last night that she was on Dayre, some of her 400k followers decided to download and sign up too. That pretty much screwed Dayre up! #girlpower

Fortunately, there is a bright side to that. Dayre seems to be way more stable now than it has been in the last 2 days! Yipppeeeee!!

So “Why Dayre?” you ask?

Dayre is microblogging. Unlike the conventional blog where you sit down and compose a well-thought out post, with Dayre, you simply upload snippets throughout your day and Dayre will compile it into a daily entry. Simples!


With Dayre, not only can you write a 500 word post, you can also upload photos, videos, stickers and maps. Here are some stickers to entice you…





Me? I am loving the bear bear stickers! 🙂

So what are you waiting for! Download Dayre on your mobile and join us! Simply search @bubbielicious and click on follow. See you there!

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